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SFT products are based on Suprafusion technology, a disruptive soft tissue fixation system using ultrasonic technology to deliver next-generation anchoring solutions that seek to eliminate anchor micro-motion, improve and facilitate fixation stability, and support clinical outcome and possibilities.


"Beyond Fusion"

SupraFusion is a technology to securely bond materials of different structural compositions,
densities, shapes, sizes, and surface characteristics. The SupraFusion process
takes advantage of an ultrasonic system to induce controlled liquefaction of the outermost
portion of polymeric implant components during the implantation process,
while the core remains solid.

As liquefaction occurs, the polymer flows into the surrounding cancellous bone
and instantaneously solidifies, creating a positive fit connection that delivers
unprecedented levels of bone purchase. The interdigitation of the polymer with
the bone pores immediately forms a strong bond that prevents the anchor
from moving, creating implant primary stability and long term fixation.

No excessive Force

Ultrasonic fixation does not require torsion or excessive pressure, which can support faster healing.

Easy Revision

Our implantation procedures can be repeated multiple times, if necessary, using the same drill hole, simply by drilling out the first anchor and replacing it with a new one, without unacceptable levels of bone damage.

Smaller Implants

Suprafusion allows smaller anchors to be placed closer together, which may lead to a stronger overall bond with less bone damage.

Quick Implantation Process

Our implantation times are measured in seconds, and the user-friendly ultrasonic generator instructs the surgeon when the PLA implant has solidified and the sonotrode can be removed.